Cookie policy

1. As part of the operations of its website, the Company may collect certain information using technologies such as cookies (cookies, cookies).

2. Cookies (COOKIES) are small text files that store information directly on a user's computer, mobile phone or other device.

3. By using cookies, a web server can store, for example, preferences and settings on the User's computer, mobile phone or other device(s), which is then automatically restored the next time you visit. Or, to put it differently, cookies serve, among other things, to make use of the Site more convenient, so that, for example, the User does not have to repeat the login process the next time they visit the Site. The Company uses both permanent and session cookies. Persistent cookies remain on the User's computer for a longer period of time and session cookies are automatically deleted when the browser window is closed.

4. The Company may allow third parties, such as advertising and/or analytical service providers, to collect information using these types of technologies directly from the Site's web page or mobile application. The data they collect is protected under the privacy policies of these third parties.
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